Have you ever considered the real reason you haven't hit your goals isn't just because of the "diet" you're on, but rather it's because of the thoughts you're having?

You want to lose weight, you start a new plan and it goes well for a few weeks. And then...you quit or slack off and next thing you know, the weight you lost is slowly creeping back on.

If you consider WHY you're taking the actions in the first place, you'll have a better understanding of why you get the results you get. Our actions are driven by our feelings and our feelings are created by our thoughts.

Think about it for a moment -

You think bad, you feel bad, your actions are bad, your results are bad.

Translation - "I had a stressful day, I feel frustrated and fed up so I'm going to curl up on the couch, binge watch Netflix and eat chips and chocolate." This results in no weight loss and feelings of guilt and disappointment.

You think good, you feel good, your actions are good and your results are good.

Translation - "I had a stressful day, I feel frustrated and fed up. I'm going to eat a healthy dinner because it will make my body feel better and then I'm going to take some time to relax and wind down."

This results in consistent weight loss and feeling more empowered and motivated.

It’s all about mindset!

When you control your mindset, you control your eating habits. And that's what Ditch the Diet and E.A.T. (Energize, Abide, Transform) does - it teaches you to change your thought patterns, change your negative behaviours and turn them into positive ones...which will then change your results!

Hi!! My name is Kim Kenny and I'm a Transformational Weight Loss and Mindset Coach

I help Christian yoyo dieters to Ditch the Diet and E.A.T. - Energize, Abide, Transform - so that they can get off the diet rollercoaster and lose weight FOR. THE. LAST. TIME!

How is my program different than all the other programs?

I went from being 330+ pounds and on $200 worth of medication every month to losing 86 pounds so far, healing my body with nutrition and going off all my meds. I still have 100 pounds to lose, so I’m still on the journey WITH you!

Just Imagine…

  • Losing weight and keeping it off forever

  • Eating without having to worry about the scales

  • Freedom from turning to food to cope with stress/emotions

  • Going to parties and not feeling like you're going to "fall off track"

  • Being confident in your choices so you're not constantly thinking "should I or shouldn't I?"

  • Going from insecure and frustrated to confident and fearless

  • Going from hiding to living life like you're on top of the world

  • Going from unmotivated and uninspired to empowered and exhilarated

  • Leaving fear behind and experiencing an overflowing joy that you haven't felt in years

  • Being able to wear the cute clothes that make you feel vibrant, sexy, confident, vivacious, beautiful

It’s Your Time Now

It's time to do something for yourself.

It's time to make your health a priority so that you can do all of the things!

So that you can get your life back!

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Book a call with me and let’s talk about how I can help you Ditch the Diet and E.A.T. (Energize, Abide, Transform), so that you can lose weight for the last time and live the Fab, Fit and Free life you desire…and deserve!

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